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Upgrade to Your Group Health Packages!

Running a business is complicated. Providing great insurance shouldn’t be. Let us help you shop, analyze, and tailor your company’s group health insurance program specific to your business needs.

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Streamline Your Benefits Packages, and Save Time

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Evaluate Coverage

Our vast network consists of every major carrier in the United States. Let us do the leg work and deliver the best available plans for your employees.

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Automate Enrollment

We study your company’s workflows, processes, and structure before advising on what group insurance program is right for you & your business.

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Compare & Track

Compare insurance plans, track enrollment progress, and connect systems all in one unified place.

Streamline enrollments with insurance carriers

1-100 Employees Enrolled
For businesses with fewer than 100 employees enrolled in benefits, we can collect your information and map it onto the insurance companies application, including the signature. This information is then sent to your insurance carrier, error-free and in the most streamlined manner possible.

100+ Employees Enrolled
If you have over 100 employees enrolled in benefits, we can connect with your insurance carriers via an electronic feed. This eliminates errors that can occur when done manually and also save you considerable amounts of time.

Manage Your Benefits Online

With a single point of access, your employees can manage their benefits, make life elections, enroll dependents, and more.  With us acting as the go-between, you have more time to focus on your day-to-day operations. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach so we work with the best benefits portal systems in the industry including:






    And more…

Manage your benefits online - employee benefits consulting

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Do you Market Your Group Health Insurance Plans?


It’s likely that before joining you, prospective employees will want to know more about your benefits plans. Great group health insurance plans could be the difference between your company attracting top talent in your industry or having to rely on rookies.


If you’re not providing the very best in group health insurance plans and your competitors are, guess what? Your employees might be swayed, and you could find yourself losing out. You know what they say about the grass is always greener on the other side? Don’t let your employees fall into that way of thinking, give them the very best — they deserve it.


Be Proud of What You’ve Got!


While you may think that benefits weren’t really a deal-breaker, you may be surprised to find out that the opposite is true! In fact, a recent study by MetLife found that around 6 in 10 employees said that a great benefits program not only attracts them to a job but is also a reason why they stick around.


In fact, of the people surveyed, benefits ranked second only to salary. So, if you’re offering great group health insurance benefits, you really should be advertising this. Let the world know, your employees are happy employees, you’d be surprised what this can help you achieve.


If you’re serious about employee retention and business growth, you want to ensure your benefits packages are not only in line with your rivals, but way ahead of them. Take steps to reduce your group help insurance premiums while simultaneously lowering out-of-pocket expenses for your employees and you’re onto a winner.


How Can We Help?


Worried that your benefits programs aren’t up to scratch? No problem. Our team can work closely with your company to analyze your current offering, compare it with industry averages, and work with our vast network of the biggest carriers in the business to deliver something that you’ll be proud of, but more importantly, your employees will be proud of too.