Case Studies

Automating the benefits process helps streamline open enrollment for their staff


Xsolla truly cares about their employees and the options they have for healthcare.  When they came to Benely they offered two carriers to their employees and at two different times during the year.  Additionally, they managed their benefits via paper applications which was difficult and inefficient. 


Xsolla’s product suite operates in more than 200 countries and territories, 20+ languages, and 130 currencies. What hasn’t changed, though, since our launch in 2005, is our conviction that everyone deserves equal opportunity to play.

Industry : Gaming

Segment Size : 50-100 Employees


Our first task was to look at all the available options in the marketplace and make sure they have the best available options for their staff.  Second was to work with the carriers and align their anniversary dates so employees can decide on healthcare just once per year.  Lastly, was to implement an online platform to fully automate their benefits administration process.


We were able to achieve all of our objectives.  Employees now have one open enrollment window and can go online to view side by side comparisons and what each plan would cost them out of their paycheck.  This resulted in both employer and employee satisfaction, and a lot less time wasted managing the benefits process.

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