Benefits done

Complicated process of benefits made easy

Benely will shop, analyze and personalize your group benefits in simple steps. We do the work and you make the decision.

How does your benefits process score?


We know that any changes have to factor in your financial goals. As such, we compare your current insurance plans with other market options. This lets us find the most cost-effective solutions which means the best outcome for your finances. Our vast network consists of every major carrier in the United States. Let us do the leg work and deliver the best available plans for your employees.


Our initial process consists of:


An overhaul of your benefits program should arrive hand-in-hand with an overhaul of your current technology platform. Our network consists of the best technology partners in the industry whose cutting-edge software allows you to manage your benefits in a stress-free manner. We know all businesses are different, and that’s why we study your company’s workflows, processes, and structure before advising on what platform is right for you.


Solutions we provide include:

Open Enrollment

The next step in our industry-leading solution is to educate your employees during an open enrollment. Employee benefits can be complex and confusing. However, we provide custom guides and custom videos to help the education process go as smooth as possible. With easy to understand, side-by-side comparison charts and cost options, employees can easily decide which insurance plans are best for them and their family. From virtual to in-person, Benely has you covered.


Our benefits enrollment process consists of:


Wherever your company is headquartered and no matter the number of people you employ, we provide a full evaluation of your company. Doing this helps ensure that your ACA reporting, COBRA, and ERISA filings are up-to-date and compliant.


Our experts can assist you with:

Ongoing Support

Benely continues to support you throughout the year.  Our experts are available all year round to support you and your employees with issues as and when they arise. We act as an extension of your HR team and lighten the workload, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. In addition, your employees need an advocate to help them understand claims, benefits and other costs that might sneak up on them. Benely support team is always ready to assist.


Partner with us and your business benefits from: