Benefits Administration Technology

Benefits, HR & Compliance All-In-One


Easily manage employee benefits, onboarding and compliance in one central location. Be paperless from the get-go and even connect your payroll. Our tech solutions can revolutionize your company's productivity and streamline its operations in a way you never dreamed possible.

Manage HR All Online

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is different, and we treat them that way. These intuitive platforms allow your employees to self-manage their benefits, submit their W4 and I9 information, set up direct deposit for payroll, make life elections, and more. To make the management of your benefits even simpler, we partner with the best benefits portal systems in the industry including: Rippling, Ease, Paycom, Zenefits, ADP and more.


    All changes instantly updates your HR systems​

   Manage your open enrollment process​

   Enable new hires to onboard themselves​

    Process life changes, waive or add dependents​

    Connect your current payroll system and instantly automate​

    Manage time and attendance, vacation tracking, PTO and more​

Easily Onboard Employees

Getting new recruits up to speed has never been easier thanks to our ability to deliver streamlined onboarding. Collect valuable information before the employee starts their first day. Distribute documents for signature and review. Make your HR process a breeze from the beginning.


    Collect I-9, W-4 and direct deposit information​

    Distribute docs for employees to review​

    Track if employees have reviewed docs​

    Customized templates and offer letters​

    Sync information with core benefits software​

Enroll and View Benefits Online

Allow employees to elect and enroll in medical, dental, vision and all your health insurance plans online. Eliminate paperwork and streamline your benefits process. Never miss a waiting period deadline again.


    View plan options and costs for entire family

    System notifications when its time to enroll​


Easily Sign Elections Online

Choosing insurance is overwhelming, to say the least. With Benely’s approach to insurance, your employees can view and elect the options which are most beneficial to them.  Then, simply e-sign the application and their done.


    Sign easily over desktop or mobile

    Instant confirmations for HR and employees

    Client support team ready anytime for assistance

Streamline enrollments with insurance carriers

1-100 Employees Enrolled
For businesses with fewer than 100 employees enrolled in benefits, we can collect your information and map it onto the insurance companies application, including the signature. This information is then sent to your insurance carrier, error-free and in the most streamlined manner possible.

100+ Employees Enrolled
If you have over 100 employees enrolled in benefits, we can connect with your insurance carriers via an electronic feed. This eliminates errors that can occur when done manually and also save you considerable amounts of time.