Case Studies

Educating employees during open enrollment allows for better insurance decisions


As the Academy continued to grow rapidly throughout the nation, the HR department was spending too much time managing the benefits. In addition, employees were growing increasingly frustrated with out-of-network charges, claims appeals and medication disputes.


Blending a mixture of traditional film school instruction with a new approach, the Academy emphasizes coursework based around students actually going out and shooting films as part of their coursework. Students write, produce, direct, and edit their own original films while also serving as crewmembers on their fellow classmates’ films to gain extensive on-set experience.

Industry : Film School

Segment Size : 500+ Employees


We first spoke with the employees to figure out their biggest concerns. We realized their need in having a partner and an advocate. The first goal was to separate HR from claims management and then work with the employees to resolve any claims issues.


Our work empowered each employee with the right tools and gave them the comfort of having a partner throughout the year. Now our client management team works directly with the employees to dispute and educate on claims. This helped dramatically reduce the out of network exposure employees were facing before partnering with Benely. Which removed the HR team from this process and allowed them to focus on people operations.

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