Case Studies

Finding the right benefits admin platform and improving their supplemental benefits


Rapt Studio needed a more hands on broker that would advise them on not only short-term savings opportunities, but also long-term strategies that would help them retain and attract high qualify talent.  Rapt Studio was growing increasingly frustrated with their reactive providers.  Moreover, they need a better way to manage their benefits program.


Rapt Studio is an award-winning design and strategy studio that believes everything is connected. A team of architects, interior and graphic designers, and brand and design strategists who ask tough questions and solve complex problems within a rigorous, agile process.

Industry : Architecture

Segment Size : 50-100 Employees


Benely first decided to find out all their pain points with their current benefits administration process.  We needed to find the gaps in service and how to improve them. Also, Rapt Studio’s old brokerage firm did not shop the marketplace efficiently to identify opportunities to improve and save money on their benefits plans.  After taking over the account, we shopped and analyzed the enter marketplace to find the best bang-for-the-buck solutions.

rippling hr


Benely has relationships with the top benefits admin providers throughout the nation.  After going through the cost-benefit of each platform, we were able to identify Rippling as the best savings opportunity for their payroll and benefits needs.  Additionally, we analyzed their current benefits offerings and were able to reduce their dental rates through Guardian and improve their max benefit by 3 times their current max.

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