Case Studies

Delivering a cloud solution that automated their benefits process


iDrive was managing their benefits process manually and was looking for a solution that would automate the enrollment process. They needed a solution that would match their current mission they deliver to their own clientele, so each of their employees can have the same experience when enrolling in health insurance.


iDrive provides online backup to cloud for PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android and other mobile devices all into one account for one low fee.

Industry : Technology

Segment Size : 50 Employees


Benely first decided to find out all their pain points with their current benefits administration process and where the gaps were in the process. Additionally, we needed to identify specifically where the hours were spent and where the hours were being wasted by HR. Benely also looked at their current plans offered and wanted to see if they could introduce additional options for employees.


Benely has relationships with the top benefits admin providers throughout the nation. After going through the cost-benefit of each platform, we were able to identify Ease as the best savings opportunity for their payroll and benefits needs. Additionally, we were able to implement options for their employees to round out their benefits offerings such as dental, vision and Life coverage.

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