Case Studies

Improved medical plans, increased network of doctors and lowered insurance premiums


With so much geographic range, LT Foods Americas found it challenging to offer rich benefits at affordable rates to meet the needs of each employee across all their regions.  As a fast growing company, they were faced with the challenge of providing a rich benefits program without impacting the company bottom line.


LT Foods Americas is a global company that overseas the harvesting, milling, processing and distribution of foods.   The LT Foods Americas’ brands provide natural foods from every corner of the world.  There global network spans across 65 countries.  In the US, they operate in multiple states to ensure the very best farm-to-fork experience for families to enjoy.

Industry : Food Harvesting, Processing & Distribution

Segment Size : 100-250 Employees


Benely found an opportunity to re-segment their benefits program with the major health insurance carriers.  Benely engaged the insurance marketplace and conducted a full benefit analysis comparing their current program with the new options presented.  The goal was to improve benefits, improve network of doctors and lowered the insurance rates. 


Benely found an insurance program that improved benefits for employees, increase the network of providers and saved 19.78% on insurance cost.  Employees were happy with lower co-pays, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums (employee financial responsibility) cut in half.  The company was excited to improve benefits while lowering their bottom line.

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