Case Studies

Needing a Simpler Way to Manage Benefits and HR


Palisociety is a fast growing high-end boutique hotel chain that offers premium benefits to its staff.  Additionally, they have 2 medical carriers along with ancillary options.  Palisociety was looking for streamline solutions that would make managing benefits simpler for their employees across almost 15 locations.


Palisociety is a fully integrated branded real estate development and hospitality operating company that acquires, programs, develops, owns, and operates unique hotels and residences. Our proprietary brands, development and operational expertise also includes specialized retail spaces, highly curated restaurants, bars and event venues.

Industry : Hospitality

Size : 350 Employees


Benely works with the best online benefits platforms in the marketplace.  Once we conduct a full needs analysis, we recommended using the Ease platform for managing their benefits and onboarding.


As a result of taking their process from paper to electronic, employees have a much more seamless experience when it comes to benefits.  And because employees are across the nation, having one central location for benefits makes open enrollment much easier to manage for HR.  Employees can elect, view and sign their elections during open enrollment and also when they are first onboarded.  The company now has full control of managing the benefits process.

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