Why Employees Hate HR & How to Fix It

The human resource department in any corporation tends to be slighted by corporate employees. For some, human resources can be perceived as ineffective or perhaps even a roadblock when dealing with issues. This sort of attitude hurts employees and their employers, but it?s a thought process that tends to stick.

One of the frustrating aspects of human resources is that it is still operating within an archaic structure. There is still bureaucracies that employees need to jump through to get pertinent information about their accounts, signing up to benefits is cumbersome even though the business intranet has been more of a mainstay instead of a technological fluke, and industries still aren?t understanding the value of comprehensive onboarding. Coupled with a lack of documentation and outdated employee handbooks, tends to give human resources a bad rap. Here are other reasons that employees tend to despise human resources ? and how your department can fix them.

1. Supposed incompetence. Many times human resources get the ire from employees because of inaccurate or misleading job descriptions, castrating potential employees from finding the job they want. This occurs from a lack of communication between the human resources department and hiring managers. This sort of self-imposed ineptitude also contributes to a lack of motivation and morale.

2. Paper trail. No one likes filling out forms, reading up on compliance mandates, and filing through piles of paper. Even though sometimes a paper trail is expected, many types of documentation can be hosted online. When it is unnecessary, a long paper trail can be confusing and complex ? not only that, but it also is a direct cost to the business or corporation.

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