Rippling HR Software and a Benely Partnership

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Benely and Rippling – A Dream Come True


When the time comes for your business to expand, you’ll likely find that you need to outsource your HR. Many businesses do this one step at a time. For example, first they find a company to assist with payroll, then benefits administration, and finally any remaining areas of HR that the team is unable to cover themselves.


This kind of outsourcing can be costly and ineffective. There are options available that ensure outsourcing your business’s HR is as cost-effective and beneficial as possible. That option is partnering with Benely. At Benely, we have a huge network of health insurance providers from which to source your team’s group health insurance plans. Also, we partner with the finest HR tech providers out there. This helps you get everything you’re looking for in terms of HR solutions and more.


Why Rippling?


We believe in nothing but the best for our clients here at Benely and that’s why we only work with the absolute best in HR tech companies to help us deliver our solutions. The following points are a few reasons why we partner with Rippling:


  • An easy-to-use, modern platform to manage your company’s HR.
  • Users of this software can bring disparate systems and databases together.
  • Automate processes to save time and resources.
  • Quick setup of new employees.
  • Custom reporting and COBRA management.
  • 100 percent online and paperless HR solutions.
  • The latest in security tech to keep your employees and your business safe.


Benely and Rippling the Only HR Solution You’ll Ever Need


With the at Benely on your side and the latest HR tech solutions from Rippling guiding your business, you’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of your operations. By partnering with Benely and Rippling, you get the greatest health insurance plans and the best in HR tech and prices that simply cannot be matched elsewhere.