Employee Assistance

Benely is Your Advocate Year-Round

Benely strives to be there when your employees need us.

We are available for any questions about your health coverage. More importantly, Benely is your advocate when you need someone to explain or appeal a claim with the insurance carrier.

The Benely customer care team is available by phone, email or chat. Please contact us right away for assistance.

Benefits Administration Outsourcing

The One-Stop Solution for Employee Benefits

Let our Benefits Advisors revolutionize the way you manage your insurance program. We take a long-term approach tailored to your unique requirements and designed to be minimally disruptive. Our team will keep you ACA compliant, streamline your benefits process, and save you time and money.

Benefits Analysis

We use our unparalleled analytical abilities to conduct an in-depth review of your benefits and deliver a solution that's exactly what you need.

Open Enrollment

Transparency is the key to success. We will conduct group and one-on-one meetings with all your employees so they know what changes to expect.

Employee Assistance

We are available year-round to assist employees with any insurance needs. We also help with claims issues as they arise.

Company Support

We help automate and streamline your insurance program from day one. Our goal is to simply manage the benefits process to save you time.

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