Employees Returning To Work

Supporting Your Employees on their Return to the Office


Small business owners around the United States have started to act on their return to work plans. Some have decided to include remote working as a more permanent way of life, whereas some have decided not to. For some small businesses, remote work isn’t an option due to the nature of what they do.


Plans to reopen must be carefully considered. No matter how considerate these plans are, it’s likely that there will be some employees who are reluctant to return to the office. This can be because they’ve became accustomed to working from home but is more likely to be because of health concerns.


The question on everybody’s lips is how do you deal with this? Much like the pandemic in general, the return to work is unprecedented and nobody really knows how best to manage it. Thankfully, the team at Benely have put together this short guide detailing the best ways in which you can support your employees on their eventual return to work.


The Top 4 Best Practices


  • Focus on workplace safety. Let your team know that you’re doing everything you can to keep the working environment as clean and as safe as possible. Cleaning protocol should be introduced, and employees should be encouraged to do their bit to help keep things clean.
  • Bring people back to work slowly. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to bring everybody back to work at once. A phased reintroduction can help people stay safe and feel safe. Remember, it will take people time to readjust to being back in the office.
  • Rebuild engagement with your team. With everybody working remotely, it’s likely the feeling of being a team is virtually non-existent. Reunite your team and make extra effort to ensure that they reconnect. Consider organizing team-building activities to help things along.
  • Help your employees adapt to the ‘new normal.’ It’s important to listen to any and all concerns your employees have. Be patient and remember that the transition will be challenging for everybody.


How We Can Help


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