Managing Remote Employees

The HR Challenges of Managing a Remote Team


The popularity of remote work has increased massively over the past year. Covid-19 completely changed the way in which business owners run their businesses and they were essentially forced to consider new ways of working. It seems like this change is here to stay.


As such, it’s important that the world of HR must adapt to these still relatively new circumstances and explore new tools and solutions that can help business leaders manage their remote teams. The HR toolkit of the future is still in development but there are solutions available that can make a world of difference to business leaders.


The Main HR Challenges Facing Business Leaders


Leading a remote workforce comes with a unique set of challenges that most business leaders are still getting used to. Virtual communication must be on point to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.


Remote Hiring and Onboarding


Before you can manage your remote employee, you first have to find one to hire. Remote hiring has to be designed in a way that helps you get to know the employee and for them to get to know you and your company.


After you hire them, the next challenge is onboarding, and it can be quite a challenge. Welcoming your new employee to the team without them feeling bombarded with information and important documents is tough for even the most talented of business leaders.


Benefits and Payroll


Adding a new employee to your team means adding new members to your benefits and payroll. You need a payment system that allows for flexible payrolls that can allow for a variety of changing circumstances in your workforce.


Offering your new employee benefits is important as it’s likely that your benefit package is one of the things that helped you stand out from your competitors. Being able to manage your benefits in a simple and effective manner can help your business’s operations remain uninterrupted by new recruits.


How Benely Can Help


Our team are benefits experts who can help you to get the best group health insurance plans for your team, while our partners can provide you with the HR solutions you need to make managing remote employees as simple as possible.


Here at Benely, we partner the best tech platforms and also spectrum of HR solutions. Everything integrates seamlessly into your business and help you to streamline your operations in a manner that you’d never have dreamed was possible.