What is a PPO in Health Care?

What is a PPO in health care

PPO Plans – What You Need to Know


Preferred provider organization plans are one of the most popular kinds of healthcare plans available on the market. A PPO plan will let your employee visit physicians and healthcare providers that are in the network of the PPO plan carrier. This can be helpful for your employees who are in a rush as it eliminates the need to first acquire a referral from a primary care physician.


In most instances, healthcare services can be sought from anywhere. However, this flexibility comes at a price. It will usually have a higher price tag than seeking medical care from an in-network provider. This flexibility is often a good thing for employees on this kind of plan as the freedom to choose is often important.


How do PPO Plans Work?


PPO plan carriers encourage holders to use their network of healthcare providers. It’s important that your employees make sure that any current providers they use will accept their health plan or if they’d have to use other providers.


PPO plans may be right for your employees if they’re keen to have the freedom to choose their healthcare providers. Another plus point is that your employees will be able to go directly to specialists and won’t need to seek a referral from a primary care physician. As certain providers are preferred on this kind of plan, it offers your employees the chance to save money by using them.


How Benely Can Help


Our team of industry-leading benefit experts can help you to match your employees with the right kind of healthcare plan for their unique circumstances. We can work closely with your team to find the absolute best PPO plan for them. Our experts have many years of experience working with companies to find them the best group health insurance plans. Contact us today to find out if a PPO plan is right for your team.