3 HR Trends Manager Needs to Look Out For

Human resources is a sensitive industry, as it is a direct link between the cohesion of a business and its survival in a competitive industry. Coupled with the fact that gifted job seekers are becoming savvier and elusive, HR companies need to be cognizant of the latest HR trends to ensure that they are able to ensnare talented workers before competitors do.


Integrating with big data. Big data has traditionally been used to optimize interactions and the conversion process with customers. The same approach is being used to draw in talented candidates. Human resources optimization has encouraged business owners to leverage data to create actionable onboarding and recruitment plans. Integrating with big data will enable human resource departments to streamline processes and become a lot more efficient in finding recruits – and the good thing is that all this information and all this data already exists. All it needs is the correct professional to drill into it successfully create presets that will only fit the best possible candidate.


The value of real relationships. Even though there is a substantial shift for technological advances in the human resources industry, “high touch” will always be superior to “high-tech”. The more streamlined an HR department becomes, the more it needs to emphasize the human element of human resources. For example, even though many processes to filter candidates are automated, it is still beneficial to monitor potential candidates. For example, even if the perfect candidate rejects a job offer due to a condition that can be changed in the near future, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically strike them out. Cognizant HR departments will be able to identify talent, and still have a job appropriately open for a candidate for a couple of days. Simply put, just because the perfect candidate is not ready for you right now, it does not mean that they will be ready for you in the very near future.


Going mobile. The smartphone has become the hallmark of the savvy job seeker, especially when it comes to the millennial generation. Since many young and eager job seekers are already using apps to complete high-value tasks on their smartphone, why wouldn’t they also attempt to find work via their phones? This has created a space where HR can step in and connect. This doesn’t mean that HR departments need to invest in a mobile app for potential candidates, but it means that they could include themselves in the everyday tasks of a job seeker with one-touch applications that will connect them to hiring managers and associates. A one-touch app can easily substitute initial prescreening.