Top Tips for a Smooth Open Enrollment

Every year, your employees have a tough decision to make. It’s a decision that could have a huge impact on the finances and the health. Employees often turn to HR to help them make the right decisions. The following open enrollment tips are sure to make the process simpler for your employees.


Assume Your Employees Know Nothing


Nobody learns about the intricacies of health insurance at school and it’s highly unlikely that your employees have learned the ins and outs since. While it’s likely that your employees will have a basic grasp of the terminology, you should aim to be more forgiving with the details. Take the time to make sure your employees really know what their plan is offering.


Be a Patient Guide


Your employees are likely to be focused on what plan is “best”, how much it will cost, and if their doctor will be covered or if they’ll have to find a new one. It’s important to help your employees understand that there’s not really a “best” option and that what’s right for them is based on their unique circumstances. Help guide them through their choice and make sure they understand the financial importance of their decision.


Help them to Understand Plan Design


The more you know about their plan design, the better. You can guide employees through viable options based on their personal circumstances. It’s extremely important for your employees to have a point of contact that can help them by providing accurate information and answering any questions they may have.


Benely, Your Benefit Experts


The Benely team has many years of combined experience in the health insurance industry. We know all there is to know and can share our wisdom with your employees as and when it’s necessary. By partnering with Benely, your team benefits from the most up-to-date and accurate information there is, and you benefit from a lot more free time to focus on running your business.