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Modern Health Insurance Trends

One of the most important modern health insurance trends is the ability to work from anywhere. Set to transform how businesses in the United States operate, employers and employees alike are likely to embrace this emerging trend and experience a whole range of plus points.


However, there are aspects of this that could cause havoc with benefits administration and other aspects of running a business. One of the most common issues likely to occur is employees moving home and not notifying you until afterwards. The following points are common issues we’ve seen this cause for employers.


Health Plan Coverage


Arguably the biggest issue that can occur is moving out of their health plan’s coverage area. Employees must keep you informed before they leave so you can confirm that their benefits will be available where they move to.


Some plans come with limited coverage areas and some local jurisdictions may bring about changes to compliance requirements for employers. This can vary on a local level and is something that should not be overlooked by employers. For example, the city of San Francisco subjects employers to the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance. So, if even one of your employees is based in the city for any period of time, there’s additional compliance-related issues to deal with.


Payroll Taxes


If your employee changes state, your business could be subject to state income tax withholding. This can be bad news for employees as it can mean they will need to pay income tax in two separate states on any of their earned income.


Local Labor Laws


Each state is home to different rules surrounding workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, wage and hour laws, and training. This is yet another area where compliance can be challenging and is something that needs to be managed before your employees move.


Staying On Top of Change


To help avoid any inconvenient situations for you and your employees, it’s essential to alert them regarding any potential issues that can arise from them changing their location. Keeping your team informed is the best thing a responsible business owner can do.