AI and Automation in HR: A Symbiotic Relationship

AI and automation in HR

Human resources in the past couple of years have been galvanized by automation and have become friendly to the idea of machine learning. Like other facets of modern business, technology presses on its journey of transforming how we function and behave – and human resources is not immune to this. It’s a department that despite containing the word, “human,” the industry has benefited from technological enhancements that have transformed how employers interact with their employees. From big data, to virtual mobility, cloud computing, both emergent and involving forms of technology have crashed into the industry.


Data and Employee Engagement

The technology that has been particularly notable is machine learning coupled with cloud computing. Historical data has increasingly come in handy when identifying patterns in the workforce, and machine learning is capable of effectively managing and streamlining of routine tasks. Machine learning can help track and enhance employee development, aid in performance reviews, personalize the onboarding process and make it more relevant to each employee, be a resource for questions related to policies and benefits.


Machine Learning for HR Employers

Machine learning can help galvanize autonomy, empowering not only employers but also employees. For example, active learning can ensure that employees are connected with the appropriate type of medical benefits, cutting down on the paper trails and their research. By learning about the individual’s profile and history, machine learning can connect them to appropriate packages that are aligned with their preferences.


To learn more about how Benely can be an add-on to your department that has become augmented with machine learning, contact us. We understand that machine learning can gather insights into the work environment, and we can help to interpret it to improve productivity and lower attrition rates. When human resources and machine learning combine, the ability to personalize learning based on a person’s job experience and patterns will allow them to have a competitive edge. Human resources can improve an employees’ learning roadmap, and machine learning can create the optimum learning courses based on historical data with the help of machine learning tools. Contact Benely today.