Onboarding Company Culture

onboarding company culture

Poor productivity in a new job is due to a poor fit, poor delivery of the onboarding process, and inadequate adjustments. The onboarding process needs to help assimilate new hires into the organization, so they fit into the work culture. However, the most important and least well implemented is the proper integration into the organization’s culture.


Why You Must Make Culture the Centerpiece of Your Onboarding


Effective employee onboarding focuses on getting new employees acquainted so they don’t feel anxious and avoid stagnation. A company that focuses on early employee experiences is a tenet that every human resource team should value.


Why the Current Onboarding Process Is Inefficient


Most professionals have gone through the onboarding process before. It’s usually an accumulation of two or three days, right before the new employee is expected to contribute to the team. It’s focused on meeting your superiors on a superficial level, setting up computers, and walking through the company’s benefits program. It’s fast, short, and more damning, a waste of time.


While these steps are necessary, it’s shallow and leaves large information gaps. This type of onboarding does not explain the values of the organization, and what subconsciously drives everyday tasks. When the onboarding process is built on a lack of understanding of the culture, then there’s a possibility that the employee won’t feel adequate, affecting their productivity. There will also be a lack of autonomy – since new employees will feel like they are fish out of the water, they will rely heavily on peripheral staff and coworkers.

Showcase Office Culture During the Onboarding Process


New employees will most likely invest themselves in a company’s success if they feel aligned with the organization and feel like they are part of a larger group. It can help new hires conceptualize company culture by showcasing it during the onboarding process. This looks like a culture manifesto hosted on the intranet. This practice embodies transparency, which pays off in employee retention.


By emphasizing effective collaboration between departments, a new employee will have the opportunity to understand office culture better. The process should bring multiple departments to work together, exemplifying the broader framework of the organization. In this sort of set up, managers and directors should find integrated onboarding solutions to handle every aspect of the human resource function.


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