Pride Month and Benely

Fostering an Inclusive Workplace


As Pride Month draws to an end, it’s important to let the spirit of inclusion and diversity carry on throughout the year. Inclusion and diversity are a huge part of all of our lives both in and out of the workplace. While Pride Month is a place to celebrate everybody regardless of their defining characteristics, it’s also a time to recognize how far we have left to go in the future.


Putting People First


For the team at Benely, the concept of inclusivity is at the very heart of what we do. We know that everybody deserves the same chances of success and happiness. The basis of our service is to help ensure all of your employees are treated the same and that all of your employees have access to the same great health insurance plans. Everybody deserves the same opportunities in the workplace, and we do everything in our power to ensure they have the same protection.


Talented people come from all walks of life and a myriad of backgrounds and identities. As such, we work closely with all of your employees to ensure they have the same opportunity for peace of mind as everybody else. Once we let go of the idea that everybody is different and instead look at people for what they are: human beings, the workplace and the world as a whole will be a much nicer place to be.


Benely, Your Leading Benefits and HR Solution


At Benely, our diverse team of benefit experts have years of combined experience in the health insurance industry. Our vast network of carriers includes the biggest names in the business, so you can rest assured that your team are getting the best in group health insurance plans. Also, we partner with a team of certified HR professionals. This means we can also assist with any HR-related issues your employees experience.