What is a PEO?

should HR be outsourced for your small business

What is a PEO?


A professional employer organization, often abbreviated to PEO, can help your business to save money on employee benefits. A PEO can also help with aspects of HR and payroll. This can free up your time to focus on other areas of operations.


PEOs help with a wide range of employer-related administration that is important to maintain a successful business. Everything from managing payroll taxes, human resource functions, and access to benefits packages can be assisted by a PEO.


What PEOs Can Help With:




PEOs can help administer all kinds of payments to your employees. Part-time, full-time, and one-off payments can all be streamlined by PEOs. Payroll administration often takes up a lot of time for business owners but partnering with a PEO can change that.




A good PEO will help your employees gain access to the best quality benefits in the industry. It’s not just access to plans that a PEO helps with, it’s the entire benefits process. Onboarding, claims, and all other related paperwork can be taken care of by a PEO.


A PEO utilizes the buying power of their entire network of small businesses to get the absolute best deals for their clients. By having the buying power that’s normally associated with a much larger company, a PEO can help a small business get the best coverage at unbeatable rates.




Staying compliant is an essential part of life for any business owner. Failure to do so can incur massive financial penalties that can have a devastating effect on a business. Working with a PEO lets business owners have the peace of mind that comes with having a team of experts who are knowledgeable in compliance-related issues.


How Benely Can Help:


At Benely, we can help you do all this and more. We partner with industry-leading businesses to deliver a full spectrum of PEO services, including Rippling, Insperity and Trinet. When you work with us, you take away the burden of running these complex areas of your business and instead leave it up to the professionals.