Workplace Stress

Reducing Workplace Stress


Stressed out employees are bad for your team and your business as a whole. Almost everybody has a day at work where their mind is somewhere else, and they simply cannot focus on the task at hand. This is likely to be because of stress and, in some instances, can even be because of stress at work itself.


Unfortunately, stress is an unavoidable part of work and life. However, too much of it can have a huge impact on team morale and productivity. As a leader, it’s up to you to help de-stress your employees when they’re at work. We’ve put together this short guide to share with you the top five ways in which you can encourage your employees to de-stress.


1. Encourage Open Communication


It’s a fact that a lot of employee stress comes from their relationships with their bosses. A negative relationship can impact the entire business and that’s why you should encourage open communication.


2. Offer Paid Time Off


Sometimes, people need time off without the worry that they’re losing their income. It’s estimated that over 40 percent of Americans don’t take vacation days even though doing so can improve mental and physical health. Track paid time off and encourage employees to use it if they haven’t already.


3. Introduce Entertaining Diversions into the Office


There are seemingly endless ways you can implement fun into the workplace and help drive down stress levels. Whether it’s a permanent addition or just for a special occasion, you can bring board games, a basketball hoop, a dartboard, or something else entirely and help to boost the morale of your team.


4. Consider Flexible Work Schedules


The demands of work and life can quickly become overwhelming. Employees need flexibility and the ability to have time to take of the people they love. In turn, this will help them to dedicate their time to their work even better. Remember, as long as the output remains the same, you can afford flexibility with the input.


5. Lead by Example


If you want your employees to focus on their well-being, the best thing you can do is lead by example. If they see their leaders making an effort, they’re likely to follow suite.


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