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should HR be outsourced for your small business

Our Partners: Insperity


The team at Benely are benefits experts, that’s a fact. But to help us provide businesses like yours with the full spectrum of PEO services, we have to partner with other companies. We’ve put together this series of short guides to talk you through our industry-leading network of partners and help you understand the ways in which they can revolutionize your business.


Why We Work With Insperity


We only want the very best for our clients. That’s why we decided to partner with one of the finest HR, payroll and benefits administration companies there is. Insperity’s services are recommended for businesses with anything from five to 5,000 employees. If your business falls into this bracket, it’s extremely likely that you’ll benefit massively from the services Insperity provides.


Founded back in 1986, Insperity was formerly known as Administaff. After 16 years of operations, the company made the Forbes 500 list and was well on its way to establishing itself as one of the biggest and best HR solutions companies in the United States. There are several great ways in which our team and Insperity’s solutions can assist your business include:


  • Access to training courses that help your business stay on top of its industry
  • An online platform that’s famed for its ease of use and functionality
  • Important information including benefits, attendance, vacation requests, and so much more are all available at the click of a button
  • Employee Assistance Program that helps your team stay working at their absolute best
  • Cheaper medical insurance thanks to the massive buying power the company has
  • 401(k) management and advice
  • Electronic employee database that allows manager to record any changes in an instant
  • HR support that’s available both in-person and over the phone


Growing Together With Benely and Insperity


At Benely, we understand that there’s not a one size fits all for benefits solutions. That’s why we get to know you and your business before we decide what solutions will work best for you. Look out for our next post where you can find out more about our best-in-class partners and the solutions that we can provide to your business.