The New Normal for Companies and Employees

Keeping Your Team Motivated While They’re Working from Home


The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in more people than ever being forced to working from home. Even when things return to normal, it’s unlikely that working patterns will follow suite. Employees realizing that they don’t really need to spend 40 hours or more every week at the office means that more will be expecting to continue to work from home. This is likely to be good for both employees and employers but it’s likely there’ll be initial problems to overcome while everyone adjusts to the new normal.


Keep Your Team United


Help employees know exactly what’s expected of them by giving them regular updates and hosting meetings. Even allocating an hour or two a week at the same time for a quick check-in will help instill a certain degree of normality. Remind employees that there’s flexibility with their input, as long as their output remains the same.

There’s no need to be working at 9 to 5 if your employees feel they’re more productive at different times. Leading your team remotely can be a challenge but keep things as normal as possible and it will become second nature to you.


Encourage Communication – and Not Just For Work


Missing out on team-building exercises can mean things feel a little disconnected for your employees. Consider hosting virtual happy hours or lunch breaks to replicate the feel of the workplace.

Helping your employees have a little downtime as part of the team can do wonders for morale. Keeping them in contact with everybody and helping them to bond will ensure that they work as efficiently as possible.


How We Can Support You and Your Team


When you partner with us, you benefit from access to a team of certified HR professionals. We’re here to help you and your team resolve issues whenever they arise. We know that making the transition to working remotely due to covid-19 can be a challenge, that’s why our team are here to help you with everything related to your HR problems.